The 360 Athletics Coaching Staff consists of individuals who, not only have great knowledge of cheerleading and tumbling, but are great role models.  We are always striving for excellence, both inside and outside of the gym.  Because safety is a top priority in our complex sport, all staff members are USASF Credentialed. 

At 360 Athletics, we are educated, focused and passionate.  It is our commitment (and joy) to share this with each and every athlete.

Holley foster

My name is Holley Foster, and I am the Owner of 360 Athletics! I have been in the cheer world since 2001 as an athlete, and have been coaching since 2004! Cheer was a way for me to make friends when moving to a new city for my dad’s job. Over the years, I have lived in 6 different states, 8 different cities, and have been on teams in 5 different cheerleading programs across the country. I was lucky enough to compete at the Cheerleading World Championships (2008) on a Partial Paid Bid from one of the most prestigious competitions in the country - Cheersport Nationals. My dream someday would be to grow a Level 5 team for 360, and take those athletes to Worlds so they too could experience the “Holy Grail” of cheerleading competitions for Level 5 athletes! I currently coach Varsity Cheerleading at Waunakee High School, as well as several tumbling classes & teams (Novice, Prep & Elite) here at 360!

Let your faith be bigger than your fear.
— Unknown

My name is Amber Elert, and I’ve been involved in cheerleading for almost two decades. It all started with an interest in dance as a child, and over the years, turned into a love for gymnastics & tumbling in particular. By age 11, I was ready to explore anything & everything in which tumbling was a primary focus, so after learning about “cheer-nastics” from a friend, I attended an open gym at Madison Turners, and the rest was history! During my time at Turners (LET’S GO SPARKS!) I soaked up everything I could about cheer and, although I didn’t realize it then, I was already taking first steps on the road to becoming a coach many years later; it was because of Sparks that I met some of my very first female role models (aside from family) and learned so much about what it means to be a strong female influence. When Sparks eventually ended, I was hooked on the sport and desperate to find another gym. I ultimately ended up at Sun Prairie Cheer (Prairie All Stars) which is where I cheered until graduating high school. Throughout my time at SP/PAS, I built a LOT on the basics I’d previously learned, advanced in my tumbling, and met so many great coaches & friends. After I graduated, PAS merged with another local gym to create Cheer Wisconsin, and I agreed on a whim to help coach a Mini team with no plans to return. I ended up super-senioring that year, and one season of coaching turned into many more within the same program I came up from. Sparks & PAS helped to commence my love of cheer, but coaching at Cheer Wisconsin was where that love was solidified. Sadly, CW closed its doors unexpectedly some years later. But it truly is like they say, “when one door closes, another one opens,” because just like that, 360 Athletics was born. We founded 360 in January ‘15 and have been endlessly humbled watching it grow into what it is today. The family, the community, the culture - I am so proud to call 360 my home. This sport did wonders for bringing me out of my shell that first year (what a gift for a shy kid!) but I credit cheerleading with so much more than that. My wish for any athlete I coach is that they are fortunate enough to take from their experience what I have taken from mine: a purpose & passion for something I love, a wealth of life lessons, and some of the fondest memories I wouldn’t trade for the world. I currently teach Tumbling & Flight School here at 360, in addition to coaching our Prep & Elite teams. I also run marketing and socials for the gym (@360athleticswi for those of you not yet following ;)). Outside of cheer, I work as a Commercial Interior Designer and do some freelancing in the Graphic Design field.

Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.
— C.S. Lewis

My name is Mike Navis, and I started cheer in 2001 while attending college in Whitewater, WI. Since then, I have fallen in love with sport & what it can do for people of all ages. I’ve cheered for UW-Whitewater, various semi-pro football teams, and for the Milwaukee Bucks. I have been coaching since 2006 (main focus on senior-aged teams). Outside of 360, I am very involved with the High School cheer scene in Wisconsin, DJing & MCing many competitions in the area throughout the season.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
— Mark Twain

My name is Brooke Falkner, and I entered the cheer world in 2011. I cheered all four years of high school (serving as Captain my Junior & Senior seasons) and was also part of the Varsity Dance Team until I graduated. Throughout my time participating in High School Cheer, I was awarded “American Legion Best All-Around Cheerleader” twice (2012, 2014) and also had the privilege of being selected for All-American while attending UCA Camp as a Sophomore and then again as a Senior. All-American gave me the opportunity to travel to London and perform in their New Year’s Day Parade, an experience I will never forget and will be forever grateful for. During Senior year at camp, I was also asked to come try out for UCA Staff, which was quite an honor. I was introduced to All Star Cheerleading when 360 Athletics started, and had the opportunity to “super senior” on one of their teams, but due to my college schedule and not having a car at school, I was unable to join. My college at the time (Edgewood College) did not offer cheerleading, and I missed it so much that I decided to reach out to Holley to see if there was any way to get involved with the program. After first helping out at that year’s Spring Training, I officially started coaching at 360 Athletics for Season 2. When I’m not coaching at 360 Athletics, I work as a Certified Medical Assistant in the Dermatology Dept at UW Health.


My name is Amber Bellows. I entered the cheer world in 2000, after seeing a local performance as a 7th grader. I was instantly hooked, and decided to trade my gymnastics leotard in for a cheer uniform. I cheered competitively for a program called Badger Allstars until I graduated high school. As a part of Badger, I was fortunate enough to compete at UCA Nationals in Florida every year, so that was also where most of our family vacations took place. After high school, I decided to expand my experience from just competing to sideline cheering, and was a cheerleader at UW-Milwaukee for 4 years. I thought my time as a cheerleader had come to an end when I finished college, but then the Milwaukee Bucks started a Stunt & Tumble team called the 4th Street Flyers and I decided to try out. After making the team, I was fortunate enough to cheer on an NBA basketball court for 3 more years! When the Bucks ended, I was now certain my time with cheer had also ended… lucky for me, that was when I received a call from my former All Star Coaches! They were asking me to move back to Madison to coach at their newly merged program, Cheer Wisconsin, where I ultimately met my best friends & current co-coaches, Holley and Amber. I coached there for 3 years before deciding to move my life to California for some change. While in CA, I took a year off of cheer before stumbling upon an Open Team tryout while I was out searching for a coaching job - I tried out and made the International Open Small Coed Level 6 team at California Allstars. I competed with them for 1 year, and my team ended up taking a very close 2nd Place at Worlds! Stepping onto that Worlds mat was a dream I never imagined would come true, but it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. I am very humbled & blessed to have had so many different experiences under my belt before coming to coach for Holley at 360 Athletics.


My name is Cierra Nygren, and I have been in the cheer world since 2013. I started out cheering in high school before being introduced to All Star Cheerleading @ 360 Athletics. I’ve been a part of 360 since Season 1 (2015) and was lucky enough to attend The Summit Championships on a Wild Card Bid my first year in the program. I am currently on the 2019 US National Adaptive Abilities team, and just had the prestigious opportunity to represent the United States at this year’s ICU World Championships! Outside of the gym, I am the founder/coach of a community cheer team for Waunakee Middle School, and I also study Nursing at Madison College.